For SNOWRELIC Inc, data is the key strength. We identify that, poor performance in data retrieval and the information in challenging SLA. Infrastructure set up and delivering enhancements were deprioritised, remain in release cycles and backlogs due to risk in down time, regression and deployment. In order to address the customer pain area. Our engineering strategies are focused on methods of data identification of type, size, and time scale, Data transfer types like offline or online and device type like customer owned device, provider owned devices and on-line transfer. The demand in data migration, risks, complexity demands SNOWRELIC Inc to create customised solutions suitable for them. Write us back to have a discussion.


Customer is a leading Q&A brand responsible for answering billions of user questions over the last 20 Years. Consumers can access client browser as a browser plugin, which delivers fresh and relevant content on desktop. Here client has strong web search engine which retrieves the information from where it is originated.

  • Customer wants to minimize the performance and reliability issues to avoid missing SLA's.
  • Eliminate the concurrency issues and enable business users to take decisions quickly by providing the reports earlier​
  • Reduce operational overhead includes Infrastructure cost and node failures.


  • Lay down the Migration Roadmap for the organization from Teradata to Snowflake
  • Set up the required Data Masking policies(IAM Rules) on S3 for the staging later to secure the data.​
  • Design Snowflake-Looker driven Analytics architecture to cater to short term reporting needs and plan for future needs and scalability.​
  • Design the roadmap for migrating 450 tables(11 Datamart), 1250+ Teradata Scripts(Bteq, Fload, Mload, TPUMP), 70 Schedules having 990+ jobs, 50+ Looker reports.
  • Set up the appropriate handshaking processes to ensure the data accuracy.


  • Improved Performance
  • Improve future scalability by 70% supporting future business growth
  • Much simpler ease of use, especiallly to optimize tuning.
  • Only pay for what you use - We have reduced the overall cost by 50%.
  • Reduce time load by 70%.
  • Faster sharing of insights with internal and external stakeholders.

Teradata-Snowflake Migration