SNOWRELIC Inc engineering team are building an analytics culture using Next Gen Analytics and putting the ecosystem together takes time. It’s important not to try to boil the ocean. However, it’s also important not to ignore the work and simply hope that our customers will have success will magically happen.

NGA is evolving rapidly and SNOWRELIC Inc believe in the philosophy of considering advanced infrastructure technology. Talents are investing time to catch-up on new tools, learning, analyzing un-structured data, constructive debates, and challenges our self via proof of concept, confirm the working module, Vertical Slice Implementations.

We are sensitive about democratization, which means that business analysts will try to use more advanced technology. Also, we make sure controls are in place before a model is put into production. This might include confirming the validity of a model. Analytics without action won’t yield measurable impact. So, we always partnered with our customers building a more analytically-driven culture in an iterative manner and helps to have cognitive agility to build more operational intelligence. Above journey with customer, data, business analytics, tech, analytics and operating model make us a CoE because of the way we connect different dots. Also, we revisit any kind of analysis where action is taking place on a periodic basis to make sure that customer data is still relevant and that solution we provided still makes sense.

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